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Triplets and Toe Shoes Blog
Behind the scenes of a mother & daughter's 
 humorous journey in creating new characters, writing, illustrating,
and publishing a children's book. 

And So it Begins!

It's hard to keep a messy desk when you are part of a mother & daughter team. Even though studies say that these types of desks are seedbeds of creativity and a sure sign of genius, trust me, it doesn't fly. No matter what your age, mothers will always be mothers. So clean up. Quickly.

But I digress (must be part of my genius mind).

New Edition~February 2017

As we prepare the second book of the series and release a new edition of our first book, we took time to reflect. It's been quite a journey with the magical dancing Birthday Triplets~ Candi, Cookie, and Coco Birthday. They have been patient with us. After endless changes in their hair styles and colors, outfits, personalities and names, not to mention mountains of rewrites of their stories ( it's a wonder these girls don't need therapy), the sisters have finally made peace with us.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that their adopted Granny Rosie owns the coolest digs in town~the Amazing Magnificent Magical Adventure Factory and that the girls zip around on a flying cloud. Okay, we did give the triplets an adorable puppy called Chocolate Pudding. But what Candi, Cookie, and Coco like best of all, is bringing surprise parties to those who are alone and sad on their birthdays.

With Facebook followers of over 17,000 and counting, the Birthday Triplets are gaining worldwide recognition.

I would like to say that this all came easy. But it didn't.

There were many times when it would have been easier to quit. But we didn't.

And we couldn't have made this journey on our own.

We invite you to walk with us (sorry, the flying cloud is taken) to see how the magic all happened and continues to evolve. It is our hope that our blog inspires you to take the courageous steps to create your own sparkle!


Author, Kelly Tooman with illustrator, Lynn-Tooman Cser

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