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Creatvity Concerst

Capturing Creativity 

Through Classical Music 

Creativity Concerts inspire students to be imaginatively engaged with music. Each musical compostion is creatively curated with unique environments, characters, and story ideas that ignite curiosity and excitement.


The music experience lives further through our collaboration with the creative writing platform, Scribeasy, an interactive literacy platform building the next generation of capable, confident, creative storytellers. 

Let us create a customized experience for your concert. 

Please contact 

 Symphonie Fantastique's,

Fantasyland Fantastique,  

available for licensing. 

Cover ticket- CMYK PNG.png

Each musical movement on the map correlates with characters and storylines. 

Sample pages from writing booklet 

bear cmyk.jpg.png
Jwith textMap PSD1.jpg

Promotional Video

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