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Mother and Daughter Duo~Lynn Tooman-Cser and Kelly Tooman

Children's illustrator, Lynn Tooman Cser
 Children's author Kelly Tooman

Co-founder of Pink Party Productions, Lynn began her career at American Greetings where she created one of the most financially successful card lines for girls in the history of the company. In designing The Birthday Triplets, Lynn strived to recapture beauty and innocence of childhood. A background in ballet and classical music inspired the magical dancing triplets. 

Lynn lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband Mike, and rescue pets, Pumpkin, Frankie and Lizzie. 





Co-founder of Pink Party Press Productions, Kelly's love of books began at a very young age. Learning to read before the age of three, Kelly was often asked to take over for the teacher during read-aloud time. However, after cutting off her bangs with green safety scissors, her preschool fame ended. Banished to the finger-painting table, it became evident that she did not inherit painting skills from her mother, Lynn.

Another career was in order. 


With a degree in Writing and Literature from the New School in NYC, Kelly returned to the classroom as a Montessori preschool teacher and later, a creative writing teacher for children & teens. Kelly currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio and enjoys photography and dreams of living in a magical adventure factory like Granny Rosie. 

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