Summer Creative Classes

for Kids & Teens

Taught by children's author and photographer, Kelly Tooman. Certain classes assisted by WW2 historian and author, Bill Warnock. West side classes are held at the Westshore Unitarian Church, 20401 Hilliard Blvd., Rocky River

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Classes are nonrefundable within 14 days of their start. A PayPal account is not needed to register. For siblings, please resister for each child. If you are signing up for a class that offers multiple sessions, please indicate which dates.  Email if you prefer to pay by check or cash. Thank you! 

 June 19-22 9:30-12:00


Mix magnificent magic, a cup of creatures, a sprinkle of suspense, and a pinch of pretending. Garnish with groans and moans to create a murky mix of our best creative writing recipes! 

Ages 7-12
What Happened to Penelope Puffbottum? 
Ages 9-14
  June 12-15 9:30-12:00
On April 23 at 4:42 p.m., a crinkled brown envelope slid under your door. The shocking contents contained a scattering of clues to the mysterious disappearance of Penelope Puffbottum. Work in absolute secrecy to uncover Penelope's final days and write her true story,
before it's too late... 
Adventure Writing 
Ages 9-14
Secret Assignments
June 19-22: 1:00-3:30
WANTED: Adventurers for undercover operations of a sensitive nature. MUST be willing to travel to exotic and dangerous lands, face fiendish masterminds and unravel sinister schemes. We'll even watch some of the great adventure movie scenes. Leave your teddy bear at home. 
Inside the Magical Toyshop
Ages 7-12
June 26-29 9:30-12:00

WHO is the magician that owns this mysterious magical toyshop where nothing is as it seems? WHERE does the key lead to that hangs around his neck? WHAT is this strange invitation that you received to come ALONE to his shop at 8:23 p.m? Do you DARE attend? 

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